Sunday, 28 October 2012

look who's back..

well it has been round about 8 months since I last posted on my blog, (I deserve a slap on the wrist). I started this blog back in feb and had such a positive attitude making it one of my hobbies and for a couple of weeks I had planned to make lots and lots of posts. But unfortunately as it normally does, life got in the way of everything I had planned. I had never anticipated how much work I had to complete before I finished my a levels (which i am very proud of my results btw) Obviously this took priority over anything else. I then had to decide what I wanted to do after I had finished college.. i worked mainly all summer because as far as i thought i need to start looking for full time work. Then something i wanted to do came along, i was able to take up another college course again, something completely different to what i had just done for the previous 2 years. Now up until July next year, i am taking a hair and media make up course. This is probably the best decision I have made in a very long time, it is hard work but very rewarding. I learn all sorts of skills from eye lash and brow tinting to body art and dramatic make up, fake tanning to up do's and colouring hair. I can not fault this decision i have made, i have only been doing the course for 2 months and have made a group of friends who i think will be very close to me for years to come. I now know i want to be a make up artist and maybe working behind the scenes is what i needed instead of being on stage. 

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