Monday, 13 February 2012

me, myself and I

Hello, so my half term has finally started as I had to work over the weekend, sigh. Over the last couple of months I have kept thinking about making a blog along with a load of other decisions I need to make in my life. This is because I have nearly finished my last year of college and as I have decided university is not for me (well for this year at least, I need a break form education, hehe) I need to keep myself occupied and think about where my life is going to go. SO A BLOG WILL DO THIS FOR ME. Bits and bobs you might want to know about me, I love media, how the media works, editing, fx the whole sha-bang! That is where I want to be in the future but i'm still unsure of what exact part I wish to go into so I am hoping that when it comes to applying for university in 2013 I will know exactly what I want to do. Other subjects I am currently studying at college is theatre and performing arts. Now, you are probably thinking are you sure you wouldn't prefer a career in those areas, well yes of course. I love performing it gives you such a buzz and when you are performing the adrenaline is amazing, but here comes the disappointing part, it is such a hard industry to get into and I feel at the moment I don't think it's a career that would benefit me in the long run :/ Anyway on to a more positive note, I have amazing friends and family and I have two doggies under the names of Mac & Ben they make me very very happy :) I work as a sales assistant and have for nearly 2 years now, I love going shopping and spending time with my friendy pants and I tend to watch a lot of television hehe ;) what can I say ? I'm addicted. Any chance I get, you will find me most probably asleep, I loveeeeeeee sleep.

this blog is going to be filled with lots of reviews, my advice, my random every day to day blabber on life, outfits of the day. And affordable products and items that I think other people will find interesting.

Anyway my friends, I hope you enjoy what you find on my blog etc etc :)


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